Energy Technology Innovations and Convergence

The theme on Energy Technology presents three segments: 1. current status of scientific research on the development of renewable energy technology, technology for the improvement of efficiency, storage, and deployment, and energy technological performance; 2. convergence of modern technologies to create sustainable economic growth while protecting the environment; and 3. energy technological products which accelerate three components of the energy chain–extraction, carriers, and end use.

End use at the “three incremental levels of access to energy services and the benefits they can provide” by converging modern technologies needs to be the focus. Therefore, as outlined by the UN advisory group, this session requires analysis and development on the linkages between these incremental levels of access to energy services–basic human needs, productive uses, and modern society needs.

The scientific efforts on technology convergence are brought special attention.
Convergence impact on the environment, economic efficiency, and energy use and conservation is critical for sustainable development. This theme draws attention to the following convergence possibilities:
1. Energy Technology (ET) and Information Technology (IT)
2. Energy Technology (ET) and Bio Technology (BT)

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