Energy Partnerships and Collaboration

Energy Partnership and Collaboration covers all the efforts of mobilizing the stakeholders to promote a green economy with pro-poor growth by developing renewable energy technologies and accelerating access to energy. This session addresses the issues and concerns building partnerships and collaborations that are needed to accelerate sustainability innovations, access to modern energy services, and convergence of the economy, environment, and society. The scope of this partnership and collaboration ranges from global to local communities, and it is essential to accelerate the advancement of renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions through collaborative research and development, analysis, sharing best practices, and global energy deployment. The following specific levels of partnerships and collaboration are covered:

1. Global, regional, and sub-regional institutions including the UN Systems.
2. Multilateral and bilateral aid agency cooperation.
3. Public-private partnership
4. Energy Scientific Community partnership
5. Energy Industry-Education partnership
6. NGO-Energy Enterprise Partnership
7. World Cities and township partnership
8. Energy-community partnership

Note: This forum draws attention to inter-and intra-regional cooperation among EU-US, US-Latin America, US-Asia, US-Africa, EU-Africa, EU-Latina America, EU-Asia, South-South cooperation, Latin America-Asia, and Asia-Africa.

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