Energy and Green Economy

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The Energy and Green Economy theme examines the nature of gaps and constraints, and the challenges of building a more cost-competitive green economy with a bigger share of the renewable energy of the world’s energy mix. Discussion focuses on four major areas:

1. Supply of clean energy, improved energy efficiency, conservation, and
mitigation of pollution, environmentally friendly production through sustainable practices, wider use of renewable and alternative energies, energy diversification and rational use in all economic sectors–industrial, agricultural, construction, and transportation.

2. Scientific research and technological innovations, issues, constraints, and
challenges that scientists face with regard to untapped renewable energy . Therefore, emphasis is given to scientific research on development of new technologies, diversification of energy use, increasing efficiency, and storing energies–more specific ways to increase economies of scale with sustainable livelihood and pro-poor growth approaches.

3. Integrated energy policies and planning in green growth strategy outlined
by the ESCAP: sustainable consumption and production; greening business and markets; sustainable infrastructure; and green tax and budget reforms.

4. Investment and spending towards clean technologies, renewable energies, water services, waste management, green transportation, green buildings and sustainable agriculture and forests.

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