Energy and Green Cities

This theme on energy and green cities addresses the current issues pertaining to urban density and transport-related energy consumption, affordable and sustainable housing for low income groups, and maintaining an orderly and healthy urban living environment. This discussion and analysis also needs to focus on a comprehensive and integrated portfolio of energy sources and technologies as well as city planning and implementation strategies for cities. This forum emphasizes the specific areas for implementing energy efficiency and carbon mitigation for cities and towns outlined by the UN Habitat.

• Energy services and housing
• Public and commercial building
• Water services, wastewater and sanitation
• Waste management and methane recovery
• Public lighting
• Public transportation and city planning
• Air quality management
• Green energy sourcing
• Urban greening
• Fleet management

This session focuses in a comprehensive manner, on Human Habitat in an urbanizing world in terms of economic, political, social, and cultural, and technological dimensions. Attention is given to how to create sustainable cities and urban living environment.

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