WFE3 Publications

IRFD World Forum on Energy, Environment, and Economy expects to produce the following forms of publications:

1. Forum proceedings (online)
2. Policy documents (online)
3. Periodical Journal: Contemporary Development Analysis (online)

(Special issues:  Energy, Environment, and Economy)

1. Edited thematic book series (online)
2. Manuscripts (global and regional coverage) to be submitted to major publishers. (printed)

These publications must address all the aspects pertaining to the eight themes outlined in IRFD World Forum.  The main objective is to disseminate new knowledge on cutting edge scientific innovations, innovative policy advice which is relevant to global decision making, best practices and experiences which can be replicated in sustainable development efforts around the world, energy and environment impact analysis.  Furthermore, IRFD publications covers issues pertaining to poverty eradication focusing on UN millennium development goals, and critical issues outlined for the Rio+20 by the UNCSD: green jobs, energy, cities, food, water, oceans, disasters, science and technology for sustainable development, and specific issues concerning intergovernmental bodies, regional, national, local level governance for sustainable development.

More information on these publications will be available following the Rio+20 summit.

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