Energy and Environment

The Energy and Environment theme focuses on the current status of environmental impact of energy acquisition, transport, production, and consumption. Analysis covers all the issues pertaining to social, economic, political, and the technological and scientific dimensions at local, national, regional, and international levels. The interaction of energy forms and systems with the physical environment, and aspects of energy conservation, need to be examined in relation to the economic and political environment of the world. Emphasis is given to identify gaps and constraints in energy conservation.

The Energy and Environment theme needs to bring detailed discussions and analysis on the following topics on biodiversity and ecosystem management:

  1. Energy-population-health nexus: current status and trends of energy production and consumption and their adverse impact on the physical environment and health.
  2. Climate change: the impact of human activity on climate-greenhouse gas emission and concentration, changing world weather patterns and global warming, rising global sea level, etc.
  3. Acidification: the impact of soil and surface water depletion, and consequent increase in unnatural acidity.
  4. Land degradation: the current status and process of land degradation desertification caused by complex interactions among physical, biological, social, cultural, and economic factors. Topics include deforestation, conversion of land to non-agricultural use, unsustainable land management practices, biomass extraction for energy purposes, build-up of salts, physical and biological damage, wetland and coastal waters protection, wind and water erosion, loss of species, loss of genetic varieties, unsustainable fishing and logging practices.

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