Energy Access and Strategies

Energy Access and Strategies for energy services in developed and developing countries, and energy issues of economies in transition are topics given attention in this forum. The current status of the energy-related public policies, options, decisions, financing and investment, programs and actions brought forth by the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg needs to be reviewed. The following specific areas are brought to discussion:

  • Energy development strategies–linking energy planning to sectoral planning.
  • Convergence efforts between different dimensions of sustainable development — economic, environment, and societal
  • The nature of a framework for vertical integration between local and national processes.
  • Energy regulatory framework and viable institutional mechanism.
  • Public investment in sustainable infrastructure–public transportation, renewable energy and retrofitting of existing infrastructure and buildings for improved energy efficiency.
  • Green growth strategies–sustainable consumption and production; greening business and markets; sustainable infrastructure; green tax (ecological tax reforms) and budget reforms; investment in natural capital, and eco-efficiency indicators.
  • Different strategies, which brought outcome variations in terms of energy supply mix (better balance) and its impact on human development and environmental performance during last 20 years.

Discussion will focus on the need to assess the gaps and constraints in developing an integrated system approach giving attention not only to the hardware and technology but also to the software economics, financing, institutional, human resource development, etc. requirements on both the demand and supply sides at local, national, regional, and global levels.

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