World Forum on Urbanizing World and UN Human Habitat II
(UN Habitat II - Istanbul + 5)
Call for Papers & Invitation for Participation and Collaboration          

The Second World Forum of the International Research Foundation for Development will be focusing on the issues adopted during the Second United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II), held in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1996. We are inviting urban researchers, policy makers, members of urban governments and advocacy groups, and all the civil society members who are interested and concerned about human settlement issues in this increasingly urbanizing world to participate in the IRFD World Forum. The main objective of this Forum is to contribute to the United Nations effort of ensuring the implementation of the Global Plan of Action adopted in Istanbul.

The International Research Foundation for Development is engaged in mobilizing the civil society through policy oriented scientific research, education and advocacy on improving the quality of life in cities and towns. Well documented is the inadequacy of knowledge and appropriate actions in the economic, political, cultural and social arena of urban life and human settlements. Therefore, it is a timely task to contribute to the stock of knowledge comprehending the dynamic processes of urban centers and guide for proper actions in this new era of globalization. As focused in the Second Conference on Human Settlement (Habitat II), the World Forum will make a concerted effort to shed light on the positive role of cities and towns as centers of: employment & housing; investment and trade; production and consumption; culture and learning; market places and service centers for rural populations and production; and civic spirit and social harmony.

The International Research Foundation for Development invites all concerned individuals and institutions to contribute to the World Forum, which in turn will facilitate the UN implementation efforts of the global plan of action. To this effect, we emphasize the need for inter and intra regional partnership and collaboration for research, policy advocacy and actions, and international cooperation for sustainable cities. The World Forum on Urbanizing World and Human Habitat will provide a necessary framework to achieve the said goals.