Contribution to the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society

The UN World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) will be held in two phases: The first phase is to be held in Geneva, Switzerland, December 10-12, 2003, and the second phase will be held in Tunis, Tunisia in 2005. According to resolution 73 of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the United Nations has decided to hold a World Summit. The General Assembly resolution 56/183 has endorsed the framework of the Summit in cooperation with other organizations and partners: governments, private sector, UN bodies and other inter-governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, and civil society.

In line with these resolutions and expectations, the International Research Foundation for Development, as a transnational policy research and advocacy organization within its framework of consultative status granted by the ECOSOC of the United Nations, will host a series of events to contribute to the preparatory process and the World Summit on Information Society.
The world community has recognized the revolutionary nature of information society, which affects all spheres of human lives in the 21st century. These transformation dynamics have prompted the urgency for a global dialogue to facilitate the full benefits of the information revolution. The International Research Foundation for Development will be an active partner creating an inclusive framework and a global venue to stimulate a comprehensive dialogue on International Communication Technology (ICT) and Information Society.

Geneva 2003 Conference
Digital Divide, Global Development and Information Society
December 8th & 9th, 2003 - Geneva, Switzerland
December 10th, 2003 - Geneva
Call for Papers and Session Proposals
Send Abstracts and Proposals before October 15th, 2003
The focus of this conference is on critical issues and considerations in the context of information technological revolution, global transformation, and marginalization. Inter and intra regional disparities will be examined in terms of information infrastructure and dissemination, knowledge generation and management. Special emphasis will be on the following: 1. The variations on ICT physical and institutional infrastructural development (threshold of ICT investment in terms of human capital and intellectual capital) and economic performances of enterprises at all levels (large, medium, small, informal sector economy), and the need of their integration into the global market; 2. To shed light on socio-economic & politico-cultural implications of the information revolution and digital divide; 3. To formulate critical policies, strategies, and advocacy efforts within an interdisciplinary and integral framework to bridge the digital gap creating necessary ICT threshold for economic development and political democratization across the globe; 4. To develop an integrated approach to create a sustainable global development and information society for the 21st century.
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