The International Research Foundation for Development, Inc. would like to invite international, regional and national organizations and individuals (contemplative thinkers, policy makers, practitioners, and civil society members) to participate in the World Forum on Social Development. The main objective of this Forum is to contribute to the United Nations effort of ensuring the implementation of the Copenhagen declaration and the Program of Action. As a transnational research and advocacy community, the International Research Foundation for Development, Inc. operates within its consultative capacity with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations as specified in the UN Charter Article 71.

The International Research Foundation for Development, Inc. is engaged in mobilizing the civil society through policy oriented scientific research, education and advocacy on social development. To this effect, we have launched a project which aims at developing a comprehensive (intensive and extensive, theoretical and empirical, comparative and particularistic) and integrated (interdisciplinary) approach.

Objectives of this World Forum are fourfold: i. raise wider public awareness on global policy issues of the United Nations; ii. mobilize the academic community to actively engage and contribute to policy formulation and implementation efforts; iii. set the groundwork for inter and intra regional partnerships and collaboration for the continuation of the implementation of Social Development programs and actions; iv. develop a cross-sectional comprehensive international network, which will bring segregated professional communities and non-governmental organizations to a common forum, and channel diverse input into the UN body of policy making. This will not only bridge the gulf between these segregated communities but also ease the burden of accommodating civil society into the UN policy arena.

Individuals and institutions are encouraged to become members of the World Forum Network and participate in any or all of the World Forum events.